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Are you moving to a new home? Are you searching for affordable and reliable moving services? Or need a quick furniture transport? We have all you need for transporting your furniture or moving your home with great care and professionalism. Ask for a quote!

Moving & Transportation Services

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Uusimaa, Tampere

Affordable furniture transportation and pick up services, man and van rental, home moving services – Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Uusimaa, Tampere.

Pnt2Pnt is a moving company located in Espoo, Finland.

We offer furniture transportation and pick up services, recycling pick up services, apartment moving services, storage moving, moving help and man with a van in all Uusimaa and Turku area, we also provide long distance moving services across the country.


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Starting from

45 €/h
  • 1 mover
  • Light item
  • Including VAT
  • Minimiveloitus 1 h

Man & van

Starting from

40 €/h
  • S-Van (6m³)
  • Driver
  • Including VAT
  • Minumum charge 1 h


Starting from

40 €/h
  • Size: 10-19M²
  • 1 Cleaner
  • Including VAT
  • Minumum charge 2 h


Starting from

75 €/h
  • S-Van (6m³)
  • 2 movers
  • Including VAT
  • Minumum charge 2 h

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Moving and Transportation Services

Pnt2Pnt is a moving company that provides affordable and professional moving and transportation services.

You can also ask for an offer for long distance moving or transport services.

We have different packages for home moving and storage moving services that suits any of your house moving needs.

We provide you with different types of moving services from student and studio move up to moving into a bigger house.

If you are moving to or from Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and all Uusimaa or Tampere our apartment moving services will handle your moving easily.

We will pick up and transport your furniture from a seller, store or a friends house.

We also have recycling and sortti pick up services to recycle your old furniture easily.

You can also book professional movers to help you with packing or carrying your furniture upstairs.

Or if you need also a van, our affordable man and van service is the best choice for you.

We also rent moving boxes.

Home Moving

Are you moving to a new home? Are you searching for affordable and reliable moving services?

We offer professional moving services from studio and student move to bigger home moving. From our customized moving packages you can choose the best one to suit your moving. You can choose moving by apartment size, this option is best for you if you have normal amount of furniture and other items according to your home size.

These packages are designed for student, studio, 2-roomed and 3-roomed apartment move. We also provide All in One -home moving that have everything you need from house moving service.

You can choose the package according to your needs; do you need more time and a bigger truck or is less time and a smaller van enough for you.  All of these packages also include moving boxes rental.

We also have clear hourly based house moving rates designed to fit all your home movings. These hourly rate packages are especially suited when you do not need to rent moving boxes.

If you do not know how long your moving will take, ask for an offer and we will estimate the duration for you.

We do also storage movings, moving your storage is easy with us. We will take your furniture and other items for example to Pelican self storage, or bring them to your home from the storage.

We take care of your moving exactly when you are comfortable, we do house moves even in the evenings and on weekends.

Do you want to move some of your furniture from Pelican storage or Cityvarasto to your home or vice versa? Pnt2Pnt provides affordable and flexible storage move services. We transport your goods to and from the storage quickly and safely, moving your storage has never been easier.

Furniture Transport & Pick Up

Quick and easy furniture transportation services – the cheapest way to transport furniture.

If you have a new sofa waiting at a store we will handle the pick up and delivery to your house.

Did you just buy a couch, bed or other furniture, but the transportation is not included? Did you get a kitchen table from a friend, but furniture delivery is a problem?

Our affordable and flexible transport services are for you.

Our skilled drivers can easily transport your goods and furniture for you. You can relax while we pick up and deliver your furniture safely to your home.

Our transport and delivery services are quick, easy and cheapest way to transport your furniture.

Do you have old furniture or electronics you want to get rid of? Our recycling and sortti pick up service are here to help.

We will pick up all your old furniture and take it to the recycling center or to sortti for you.

The recycling and Sortti pick up services are for you if you have old furniture or electronics that you want to get rid of.

Our recycling services make recycling easier for you.

Man and Van

Are you looking for a cheap and flexible van and driver rental?

Have you just bought a sofa from Ikea or Masku and you just need a van or truck with a driver to take it to your home? Have you moved all the small goods to the new house and just need a van or truck to help quickly move the huge furniture (bed or table)?

You can choose the size of the moving van you need, and man with a van will come and help you with any transport you need.

We provide fast and easy man and van service. Man with a van is made to help you in any moving and transportation and the prices are affordable.

When you don’t have a van and not enough moving help, man with a van is there to help. Man with a van service is a smooth way to transport goods, the prices are not high and instead of if you just rent a van, with our service you will get help with carrying the furniture also.

When you need to rent a moving van in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Uusimaa area, this van and driver rental is for you.

Depending on your needs, the service includes either a van or a truck.

Smaller house moves, like studio move, can be also done with the man with a van service.

Moving van and driver will come and help you in any occasions.

Moving help

We also have moving help for you, to come and help you out in house moving or just carrying your furniture from one room to another.

This is the best option when you do not need a van.

Our affordable movers will come and help you when you do not have enough moving help, they will pack and carry things for you.

We have the best affordable movers for you, if you don’t need a van we also provide moving help, a mover or more will come and carry your goods for you.

Mover can come and help you carry your furniture upstairs, or can be one extra man in your moving.

A mover can also come and help you pack your goods before your moving.

Moving Cleaning

Do you want to move as stress-free as possible?

In addition to your move, Pnt2Pnt also handles moving cleaning for you.

Our professional cleaners take care of both the final cleaning and the cleaning of the new apartment.

Moving cleaning is now easy to book with moving, and you get both services easily from the same place.

Our affordable cleaning service guarantees you an easy and stress-free moving.

With the help of professionals, you can get both your old and new apartment cleaned and you can just enjoy your new home.

Moving and Transportation Services Espoo – Helsinki – Vantaa – Uusimaa – Tampere

We provide affordable and professional moving and transportation services.

We have everything you need for an easy furniture transport and house moving, contact us for more information.

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