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Muuttopalvelu Helsinki, aina pelkistä muuttolaatikoista kuljetukseen
Muutto- ja kuljetuspalvelu Helsingissä
Opiskelijamuutot, varastomuutot ja muutot Helsingin alueella

Moving service and Transport service

Espoo – Helsinki – Vantaa – Uusimaa – Tampere

From us you can get everything you need from a moving service!

You can choose a package of services that is just right for you, from just moving boxes to transportation and carrying, as well as arranging the goods in their places.

We handle e.g. student moves, warehouse moves and moves.


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After more than 5,000 moves, we know what our customers value: high quality, the best service and the right attitude. Our customer satisfaction average is 4.7/5.

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Moving service

Prices from 85 €/h

Are you looking for an affordable and functional moving service? We handle moving quickly and professionally!

From us, you get a set of services that suit your needs for your move, for homes of all sizes. Whether you’re moving from a Sato or Hoas apartment, a studio apartment or a three-bedroom apartment, an apartment building or a terraced house, we have a moving package that’s just right for you.

You can choose a package of services that is just right for you, from simple moving boxes to transportation and carrying, as well as arranging the goods in their places.

We handle e.g. student moves, warehouse moves and moves.

Transport services

Prices from 75 €/h

Have you bought a couch? Did you get a kitchen table from a friend? Did you buy a new bed?

Let us help you pick up and transport your furniture, we have an affordable and flexible transport service. You can relax yourself while our professional and brisk drivers pick up, transport and carry your furniture safely to your home.

The transport service is easy and fast, we transport the furniture and other goods smoothly for you, even on a fast schedule.

You can get full-service transport service packages from us.

Affordable transport of goods and furniture as well as moving transport, quickly and cheaply even in the evenings and on weekends.

Recycling and Sortti pick up

Prices from 55 €/h

We take your furniture and electronics to recycling or a sorting station for you.

You can relax yourself while our professional movers transport and carry the furniture for you.

Do you want to throw away your old sofa to make way for a new one? Do you want to get rid of old electronics? We pick up the furniture and other items and take them to the recycling center or sorting station for you.

With our Sortti pick up services, you can easily get rid of old items, both furniture and electronics.

Our pick up service makes recycling easy.

Man & Van

Prices from 40 €/h

Do you have goods waiting to be transported, but no van or carrying help?

We have a convenient van and driver service that will help you when you need a van and carrying help for moving.

The man & van service is a smooth, easy and affordable way to transport goods. The driver both drives the car and helps carry the goods.

Depending on your needs, the service includes either a van or a truck and a brisk man to help you.

The flexible van and driver service is therefore perfectly suited for both moving and transporting individual goods.

Moving assistance and carrying help

Prices from 45 €/h

Let the professionals handle the packing, lifting and carrying for you.

From us, you can get one or more reliable and professional movers to help you move or carry things, e.g. for moving or rearranging furniture.

We also have strong, professional movers to assist with carrying when you cannot carry the goods yourself.

We can come as packing help, carrying help for moving, organizing your storage, or rearranging your heavy furniture from one room to another.

With the right tools and professional service, moving and rearranging furniture is easy.

Moving boxes

Prices from 62 €

Moving is the cheapest and safest when things are well organized and all goods and furniture are properly protected and packed.

Convenient moving box rental from us! You can get clean and good-sized moving boxes delivered to your home.

Rent 10-20 moving boxes, or as many as you need.

We bring the boxes to your home before the move, and we pick them up after the move. If you also need packaging materials, you can conveniently get them from us at the same time.

You can rent from us exactly the number of moving boxes you need, delivered to your home.

Moving boxes can be part of a moving package, or you can also rent only moving boxes from us.

Storage Movings

Prices from 85 €/h

Do you want to empty your home storage? Do you want to take your things to storage?

We offer an affordable and functional warehouse moving service.

We take your goods to the warehouse or empty your warehouse and transport the goods for you quickly and safely.

If you wish, we will also take your goods to, for example, Pelican or City storage to be stored, and we will also empty your cage storage during the move, the storage move is easily handled with the help of professionals.

Whether you will move the entire warehouse or you want to take only a few pieces of furniture into storage, with our help storage moving is easy.

Business services

Prices from 75 €/h

Are you looking for a reliable and smooth transport service? From us, you can get company relocation services quickly and professionally.

Let the professionals manage your moving and transport services comprehensively so that the move does not disrupt your business operations.

We can also provide you with carrying help for moving or rearranging furniture at your company’s premises.

A company move, an office move or emptying of an office can be done easily and effortlessly with our service, and you can focus on your own work while the professionals take care of the moving and transport for you.

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